Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tim Rock: Member Ocean Artists Society

I was asked by Wyland to join the Ocean Artists Society. This unique group combines all artistic disciplines under one roof, er... group. They have some great ideas. Here is what we promote:

The Ocean Artist Society was created to foster an appreciation
and develop continued interest in the ocean arts.

Our Mission:
Artists united for the oceans.

Our Vision:
Using ocean art to inspire people around the world to a greater awareness
of our need to protect and preserve our natural world.

Our Theme
Art that celebrates the beauty of the sea - both above and below.

Our Values
As artists of the sea it is our responsibility to protect what we love
by sharing the beauty of the oceans with others.

INDO in Print!!!

280 Pages, 400+ Ima...

After going to Indonesia so many times, I thought it was time for a book. So I whittled my shots down to about 2000 covering everything from Sorong to Bali. From that we have "INDO: Land and Sea", a compilation of 428 shots of the people of Indonesia, the marine life and reefs and the land from the rice paddies to the wilds of Komodo and FakFak. I have been blessed to have some great trips and putting them all into one compilation was great fun and brought back wonderful memories. I hope to be back for more soon.

Also, there's a new one on Bimini, a 160-page book on Micronesia and an updated Guam version.
Check them here:
See my published books

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HOT Deal from Think Tank. Free stuff!!

We sell Aquatica, Ikelite and Think Tank photo equipment. All of this gear is great. I use Ikelite strobes and cords with Aquatica housings, arms and ports. I haul it all around (as well as my MAC Powerbook) with Think Tank products. This is gear designed by professional photographers for photographers. Photographers own the company and use their own gear. Its nothing but the best. Its strong, lightweight and really protects the camera and computer gear.
Think Tank has offered us a deal. They will give one of their quality free bags for every purchase over $49.50. So get something you need that's functional and get one of Think Tank's free products when you enter this code:
Go to this link:
Double Blue Think Tank Deal
Shop with our code and get the free deal.
Enter: AP-207.
Happy Shopping.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Camera Gear May Get Cheaper

Its the calm before the storm type of thing but I see Sygma is 10% cheaper at B&H. People are predicting Nikon gear and others may go up soon due to the Japanese yen rate causing corporate losses. So look for inventory reductions and coupons now. Also, any Nikons that aren't moving may soon feature rebates from Nikon Inc. This is good news for those lurking for a deal on new gear. Keep an eye on your favorite sites.

Another of Tim's Fearless Predictions

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Book Crazy!!

I have been going book crazy but it is fun. I just finished my Bimini book with lots of cool dolphin and stingray shots. Here's the link:
Bahamas Splendor

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Brand New Venture

I haven't done any blogs until NOW! Hey, its 2009. Time for some new stuff.

This blog will discuss some of the travels I make and keep you up on recent projects. Most of those projects have been creating books on

Click here to see some of the books!!

Will add more soon.

Tim of the Deep