Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Editorial/ Books /Reportage: Tim Rock-Double Blue Images

Editorial/ Books /Reportage: Tim Rock-Double Blue Images

Monday, September 27, 2010

Amazing Photo

Take a Look at this winner!!!

Photographer of the Year


I am back on Guam.

Stay tuned for more posts!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Manta Fest 2010 Gets Underway

Manta Fest in Yap is slated to begin this weekend. A few of are here early including my free diver friend Ai Futaki. Here is Ai at 50 feet off Vertigo Wall with a gray reef shark (or six).

Check out the action with daily blogs and posts on the MRBH website.


Monday, August 23, 2010

PDN Features Fiji Dive Book on Sharks

 Shark Reef Marine Reserve

The idea to create a book about the treasures of Beqa Lagoon and specifically Shark Reef Marine Reserve in southern Viti Levu, Fiji, actually came about from a stopover to see whales. I was traveling through Fiji to Tonga to photograph humpbacks when his longtime friend Mike Neumann, a staunch conservationist and champion of sharks, insisted that Rock spend a week in Fiji to see what he and his dedicated staff had accomplished. The rest of the story can be seen here:

PDN Surveillance Article on Tim's FIJI BOOK

Damai Trip Great Success

MSY Damai
MSY Damai

The latest images from our Alor trip aboard MSY Damai are now posted.

Check them HERE!!!

Want to join us next year? Check this trip HERE!!!!

We will also be offering Bali dives in 2011.




Guam Marine Preserves Book Now Out

Story and Photos by TIM ROCK


This book shows the beauty and richness of Guam's recently established marine preserves. Small but important, they act as buffers to overfishing and ensure some reefs of Guam remain protected and diverse.

Click below to preview the entire book:

   Surrounded by an azure sea, the island of Guam in Western Micronesia is blessed with one of the world’s richest coral reef marine environments. It thrives with more than 700 fish species and nearly 400 kinds of corals. This great natural biodiversity attracts divers from all over Asia and other parts of the world.
   This book features 192 photos over 160 pages by internationally published marine photojournalist Tim Rock. The Guam marine preserves hold an amazing variety of fish and corals and are one of the region's great success stories.
The betterment of Guam’s diverse underwater world has been the thrust behind a series of nature preserve set up in the last decade around the island. What these areas do is keep fishing to a minimum, allowing breeding stocks to prosper and make more fish. The island has seen a sharp decline in the last 20 years in its breeding fish; that is, the larger fish that make offspring. This is due to a number of factors including unrestricted fishing around the entire island, reef damage from poor building practices and natural causes, like typhoon damage.
   The Achang Bay Reef Flat, Sasa Bay, Piti Bomb Holes (Piti Bay), Tumon Bay (and Gun Beach) and Pati Point preserves encompass small reef areas from north to south and are starting to ensure reef health on this diverse western Pacific gem. Enjoy this visual trip through the most accessible of the preserves and popular underwater sites on Guam.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yap 2011 Looms

Manta Fest 2011 Looms.

Read here for more details:

MANTA FEST 2011 with TIM

And CHECK the PDN article just out:

PDN on Tim and FIJI's SHARKS

Monday, June 21, 2010

On Pricing

Picasso was sitting at a table outside a Paris cafe. A woman came up to him and asked him to sketch her. He complied. After five minutes he finished. The woman asked what she owed him for the sketch. He said the equivalent $5,000. Aghast the woman said — “but it only took you five minutes!” Picasso replied — “no Madam, it took me my whole life.”

I am selling my years of practice and training, the amortized cost of my business license, my employees salary, my salary, my taxes, my professional service and association fees, my insurance, my expertise, my skill and craftsmanship, my good reputation, access to my studio and my gear, my ability to relax a subject, get on common ground with them, make a photo that is flattering and which tells the client’s story, process, edit, re-touch, proof and print that photo, the packaging, presentation, and archiving of that image – to name just a few of the things I sell. - By Scott Bourne

Me too - Tim

Editorial / Books /Reportage:  Tim Rock of Double Blue Images

Editorial / Books /Reportage: Tim Rock of Double Blue Images

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tim to Headline Yap Manta Fest

Join TIM ROCK for Mantas, Photos and Fun


4th Annual Manta Fest Photo Festival
Yap, Micronesia
September 4th — 14th 2010
Come rub elbows with the top underwater shooters in the world, experience great diving and have lots of fun.

The intention is for Manta Fest to evolve into an island-wide celebration involving other hotels and dive shops but for now, The Manta Ray Bay Resort is taking the lead in trying to establish this fun educational program where everyone is a winner.

Photojournalist Tim Rock

Photojournalist Tim Rock

Photo and Video Pros • Seminars • Photo Contest • Daily Presentations

Plus prizes like this full color, hard cover coffee table book below:

I'll be on hand as the professional digital still photographer and diving with my group. Andy Sallmon, Underwater and Marine Life Nature Photographer, will be at Manta Ray to also help our guests with any of their photographic and video needs. There will be nightly presentations on the big outdoor screen on the restaurant ship Mnuw as well as individual classroom seminars in the afternoons. The pros will also compile a presentation from our guests efforts to show on the last day with awards given to those participating.

Photo Contest

This year’s program will be a shootout with various categories:

•Grand prize in each category is going to be a 7 night/5 dive day trip back to Yap and the Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers.

•2nd Place in each category will be a copy of Tim Rock’s great photo album about Yap (a $139 value).

•3rd Place will be tee shirts, mask straps, and lots more goodies.

    * Mantas/Sharks
    * Macro
    * Behavior
    * Reef Scenics
    * Land/Culture and People.


Here's the deal:

A 7 night/5 dive day package is $1,359/person (Standard View Room), $1,439/person (Ocean View Room) and $1,779/person (Deluxe Ocean View Room).  This includes tax, airport transfers, 10 total dives and a complimentary daily breakfast. Additional dives are available and there will be one shark dive during the trip fro those interested.

To book your spot for Manta Fest 2010 via this site just click on my CONTACT link!

Attention European & Asian guests: Airfare Update

The Manta Ray Bay Resort has been working with Continental Airline to make it easier for European guests to travel to Yap and Palau. Now that Continental Airlines has become a Star Alliance member, European travelers can get to Yap on their preferred European Airline (Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss Air, Austrian Air & more.) Please join us for Manta Fest 2010! We also have deals from Manila and Tokyo for Asian guests.

Europeans can find out more about this airline deal here.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Diving with Yap Divers Still Great Experience

I just got back from probably my umpteenth visit to Yap in Micronesia with Yap Divers and Manta Ray Bay Hotel.

See some images HERE.

In fact, a lot of local building is going on with new fulaws down by Gilman and past the stone money bank Bubul.

Small business is flourishing and the diving is great with regular manta ray, reef shark and bigeye jack school sightings.

In All, a great place to visit.

A BIG THANK YOU to Yap Divers and Manta Ray Bay Hotel.



Monday, May 10, 2010


Here's the latest and greatest:

The Philippines

   The Philippine islands, some 7,000+ of them, are the gateway to the unique region of the western Pacific. This amazing country of islands, mountains, individual seas and biological diversity has been blessed with some of the amazing marine life the Earth has to offer. Considered part of the "Coral Triangle", the islands and reefs, deep trenches and submerged sea mountains all combine to give this country a smorgasbord of undersea beauty that divers of all ages and skill levels can enjoy.
   The topside regions of the Philippines are also part of this package. Many different regions have cultures within cultures that have histories dating far back into the man's first residence in this country. Visiting the people, seeing their lifestyle, tasting their cuisines and learning about their beliefs is a real bonus to any diving holiday.
    I have been to the Philippines many times over the last three decades and made a major tour to some of the tried and true dive sites and also visited some of the new and up-and-coming venues. The marine life and hospitality made the most recent trip and many in the past quite memorable. I want to share the experience. From the whale sharks of Donsol, to the open spaces of the Sulu Sea, from the untouched areas around north Palawan to the sea mounts off Malapascua and back to the tried and true resort hotspots like Anilao and Puerto Galera, this book offers you the best the Philippines has to offer. And the good news is that there is still more to see in The Philippines!!!
    Enjoy this collaboration between my friend - model, diver and photographer Yoko Higashide - and myself as we travel to some of the hotspots and unique venues in the Philippines. There are 240 pages and 381 full color photos in this amazing book.

See you on a boat somewhere soon I hope!

Tim Rock

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oil Spill a True Disaster for Our Seas


For many years I worked with a guy named James Moore who was a gifted writer and had a real grip on reality. Sometimes people just don’t want to hear it like it is. But Jim tells us anyway.
Here’s his take on what many of us who love the ocean are watching unfold with great horror and sad anticipation… that is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


I’ve seen the tar balls he refers to in the Yucatan coast and on its remote islands.
Oil and ocean don’t mix on many levels.
The maximum resources and effort must be taken to avert any further damage. Let’s hope people with the power and resources grasp this.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Hawaii Sharks Make Real Shark News

The Hawaii Shark Fin Bill is finally getting some positive press as worldwide and local support mesh.  Read about it here:


And See and Hear it HERE at KHON

Great to see support!!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sharks and What's Wrong with America!!

ACT NOW!!!!!!!!!

America is totally fed up with the legislative process and the recent journey of a pro-active bill in Hawaii that would help save ocean resources in the form of our sharks while banning the trade of shark fins and making finning illegal in the State of Hawaii has hit a snag. This despite what seems to be overwhelming support and virtually no downside to the measure.

Instead of becoming a standard-bearer and environmental leader, Hawaii now personifies just what is wrong with our Democratic process. No telling what special interests are involved here. At this point in the bill's journey, however, something is greatly amiss if the overall good is supplanted.

Please read where the bill stands now and please act.

Friday, April 16

This letter below is from bill supporter Stefanie Brendl who has been fighting the good fight in Hawaii to save our ocean's resources:


Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, I need your help again.

Yes, we made it through the House vote with the shark finning bill, but that was not the end of it.
The bill is now in conference where a final version is being discussed between Representatives of House and Senate.

There is very strong push back from the same House members that tried to kill it in the first place.
If the conference committee can't come to an agreement, the bill dies.
Deadline is next week. We don't have much time.

In the meantime we have addressed the concerns and talked to all opposing groups. Most are now on board with this bill.
However, there is STILL a strong push against the bill from a few members of the House. We are not sure who is influencing them.

But they are willing to go against the overwhelming majority of the public that is in support.
The problem is that they are able to influence a large portion of the House votes, due to their position.
It is hard to understand, and VERY frustrating.

We cannot let this small group of Bullies win!
Why do we bother to have 50 Representatives when one or two guys can abuse their position to keep the rest in check?
Why go through the hassles of committees and hearing and votes when it all comes down to a power play amongst the Representatives?

We have scheduled a press conference for Sunday where we will show the depth of support that we really have. We have invited members of the community to represent the Hawaiian and the Chinese culture, as well as representatives of conservation groups. We will have videos, photos and articles available. Anyone that would like to be there, contact me for info.

We have talked, explained, and negotiated for weeks. Reasonable discussion is obviously not enough!
We need to bring down a storm of letters onto the House Representatives AGAIN, so they will get on with it once and for all. If we can get the majority of the House to see the light, then they will be able to outvote the few stubborn opponents.

But first we have to get this bill out of conference- intact and on time. (by next week Thursday)


Here is how you can help me:

1) Please write a letter in support .... again.
Of course you can use what you wrote before, but keep it short and to the point. (half page or less)

Here are a few points that are important:
-Ask the members of the legislature to please make sure SB2169 will move ahead and become law. Don't let this important opportunity slip away.
-Legislators, please listen to the majority, and not to the interests of a small group that is trying to hold up this ground breaking movement.
-The world is watching. Hawaii can make a difference. Legislators can show great leadership by taking a strong stance... etc

It is important that they realize how many people are watching this effort, here in Hawaii, nationally and internationally. And how much impact this will have.

Address it to:
Hawaii State Legislature
State Capitol Building
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Re: S.B. No. 2169, Relating to Shark Fins

Dear Members of the Hawaii State Legislature,

Make sure you send the statement to me (this email address: stefaniebrendl@gmail.com) before Sunday the 18th.
I will print them out and make sure the media gets them.
I will also make packages to pass on to the governor and other important people that can influence the outcome.

Then send a copy to all the representatives at this address:


If you live in Hawaii you can also call or email your district's representative and tell them that you are one of their constituents and that you would like your voice to be heard.
(find your Reps and Senators HERE)

If you get to this after the 18th, still go ahead, because the meetings will continue next week.

2) If you have time, and feel strongly about this, give these offices a call ASAP. They are the House Representatives on the conference committee that are making things difficult.

Speaker Say is not on the committee, but he is the speaker of the House, and therefore influences all Reps.
Feel free to ask some tough questions and demand answers on why they are hesitating to support this bill. I have included email addresses in case you want to follow up with materials etc.

Representative Jon Riki Karamatsu  ph 808 586-8490    e-mail  repkaramatsu@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Representative Ken Ito:  ph 808 586-8470   e-mail repito@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Representative Angus McKelvey ph  808 586-6160 e-mail repmckelvey@Capitol.hawaii.gov
House Speaker Calvin K.Y. Say  ph  808 586-6100   e-mail repsay@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Call or email me if you have questions 808 778-6740

Also, do any of you have contacts to any clever investigative reporters that would like to sink their teeth into this?
Despite absolute majority in support of this bill, one guy, Riki Karamatsu, keeps trying to kill this measure.

He did the same thing with other animal cruelty bills (dog fighting, cock fighting, dog tethering). They all had massive public support and they all died in Rep. Karamatsu's committee.
Apparently he only answers to the members of his constituency/district. But in his position as judiciary chairman, he is supposed to consider to the wishes of the whole State (and in this case, the nation).
I just don't see why he should get away with it. Especially when he is planning on running for Ltd. Governor this year.

It's time to bring on the heat! Any advice and input is appreciated.

Thank you for your patience


Sunday, April 4, 2010

NEW INDONESIA Coffee Table Book Out Now


Here's my latest and greatest from my Blurb Store.

To order, click HERE.

40 more pages and lots of images above and below.



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Savings at PhotoShelter

My photo hosting site is offering a $30 off deal.


This is a great site for those wanting to catalogue and market photos and photo products.

Also, here's my new Fiji pocket book:



Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Book Widget

Blurb is now offering online previews.

Check out some of the pages of my Palau book.

Just click on the book cover:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blurb Bookstore

We now have 14 books from all over the world in the Blurb bookstore.

See my published books

Please check them out. There are not only underwater images but culture, scenics, nature and people in every book. Check out Bimini!

Bahamas Splendor

Thanks for looking.



Monday, January 11, 2010

NEW for 2010!!! Stunning Tonga photo book.

Kingdom of the Whales

Whales, scencis, overlooks, reefs, caves, aerials, culture, dance and much, much more.
In Tonga they are called "The Happy Isles". The islands of this tiny kingdom stretch across the central South Pacific like gems large and small.
Every year people flock to Tonga. They visit the capitol of Tongatapu and northern Vava'u to enjoy the tropical winds for sailing and do some whale watching. The southern Arctic humpbacks come into the protected bays here to have their young and mate, play and grow.
This is the one of the few places on Earth that you can snorkel with whales and see them in their environment. Its an amazing sight to watch a mother feeding a calf or to see a full-grown male completely leave the sea on a massive breach.
This new for 2010 book, with its 303 images and 200 pages, is a visual trip to Tongatapu and Vava'u to see the land, the sea, the coral reefs and marine creatures, the wonderful people and Tongan culture, aerials and overlooks and, most of all, the whales.

Kingdom of the Whales

See my published books