Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sharks and other big stufff

Well, we just spent a week with the BAD Boys... Beqa Adenture Divers, that is.

On the way to Tonga we decided to see the REAL shark dive of the Pacific in Pacific Harbour, Fiji.

My buddy Mike Neumann did not disappoint. His amazing (and amazingly nice and funny) crew brought on the sharks big time. Plus, we had a squillion giant trevally, a giant grouper, large morays, beautiful caves and swim-throughs and plenty more.

'Twas tres cool.

Have a look:

Fiji Sharks

For us Micronesian types who are looking forward to Continental's new Fiji flights in December, this was a real enticement to get back down again for more action.

AND, they said it's quiet now as far as sharks go! Imagine 50+ Bull Sahrks in February-March!!!

Mind boggling!


Tim of the Deep

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