Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just back from Yap

A Diving Guide to M...

I am just back from some amazing manta dives in Yap. Will post photos soon. Manta Ray Hotel was looking good and Mnuw pub was great fun.

I showed the dive staff this new Outer Islands of Yap diving guide and got some input and proper spelling. This book is being done for the Yap Visitor's Bureau.
Also, we had some manta visits in Miil Channel. There were 3-5 rays a day cleaning. The males were trying to get shiggy with the females as this is that time of year, but they didn't seem interested in anything but a nice cleaning. Sorry guys.
Here are a couple of shots.

Also, there was one NEW Manta! I am lobbying for it to be named Rocky!
And the Manta Ray Taro Leaf spa is now open and its a wonderful spot. There are three massage tables and masseuses so there is never any waiting.
Yap is great.

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