Thursday, April 2, 2009

THINKTANK is still doing this!!!

The HOT DEAL Continues for Camera Buffs:

We sell Aquatica, Ikelite and Think Tank photo equipment. All of this gear is great. I use Ikelite strobes and cords with Aquatica housings, arms and ports. I haul it all around (as well as my MAC Powerbook) with Think Tank products. This is gear designed by professional photographers for photographers. Photographers own the company and use their own gear. Its nothing but the best. Its strong, lightweight and really protects the camera and computer gear.
Think Tank has offered us a deal. They will give one of their quality free bags for every purchase over $49.50. So get something you need that's functional and get one of Think Tank's free products when you enter this code:
Go to this link:
Double Blue Think Tank Deal
Shop with our code and get the free deal.
Enter: AP-207.
Happy Shopping.


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